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New Corbellati Missile boasts 310mph top speed – Is it the new world’s fastest car?

The team behind the Corbellati Missile have suggested that it could travel an eye-watering 310mph.  It is powered by a 9.0-litre V8 engine which produces 1,800 bhp. Corbellati will pull the wraps of its new cat at the Geneva Motor Show 2018 in early March.

Pictures of the car that were revealed ahead of its public debut show a retro styled racer. It does not share the same outlandish and aggressive aesthetics of the Hennessy and the Koenigsegg.

The Missile is said to measure 15.3-feet long and 6.7-feet wide and its shell is made almost entirely out of carbon fibre. On paper it seems to have the power to be able to achieve its goal and very soon we could have a new world’s fastest car.

Source Credit: Sunday Express
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