Review: How exciting is Ford’s bestselling truck?

The Ford F-150 Hybrid is the first car confirmed for launch in the Middle East, further proving the bestselling model’s popularity in the region. While it is large in size, it is rather effortless to drive, with the steering being extremely smooth and rather light for a truck. Still, we feel its stability on the roads, as we take the beast for a ride to test out its freshly added 10 horsepower over the previous engine.

The V6 engine delivers 50 lb ft more torque for a total of 470 lb ft, making it extremely grounded on turns, despite its massive size. It is worth noting, however, that the car’s aluminium structure saves it from feeling heavy. It is also very spacious, with both its driver and passenger cabins boasting substantial space, making it extremely comfortable for short and long rides.

Though we did not get the chance to experience long-haul trips in the F-150, we reckon it would be quite practical to drive to, say, the other Emirates. If anything, America’s bestselling truck is an exciting, reliable and overpowering choice.

Source Credit: Arabian Business
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