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James Bond’s car is up for auction (though it’s technically just Daniel Craig’s car)

Though he’s a fictional character, James Bond is a man with very famous tastes. He likes his martinis shaken and not stirred, he like his swimming trunks very small and tight, and he likes his cars to be Aston Martins—unless he happens to have a product placement deal with, say, BMW. Sadly, most normal people don’t have the sort of cushy government job that Bond does where he’s constantly provided the latest and greatest model of Aston Martin every few years, but one lucky (and wealthy) James Bond fan might soon get a chance to own a car that was once owned by the man himself thanks to auction house Christie’s.

Alright, technically it’s not a car that was owned by James Bond. It’s actually a car that was once owned by Bond actor Daniel Craig. It’s also not the sort of elegantly stylish Aston Martin that Bond would drive in the movies, but a “bespoke” Aston Martin Vanquish designed specifically to suit the tastes of Daniel Craig—who prefers “denim and dark colors” to Bond’s stylish suits and silver cars. The car is dark blue with a matching blue interior and is “U.S. street ready.”

It doesn’t have an ejector seat or missile launchers hidden behind the headlights, but it does have a 6.0-liter V12 engine that should help you outrun any foreign agents or femme fatales you may cross paths with. Also, the car is special for reasons beyond the fact that it once cradled Daniel Crag’s butt in its fancy seats. The car is one of only 100 Vanquishes built for Aston Martin’s 100th anniversary, and its serial number happens to be 007. The auction will be held in New York on April 20, and it’s expected to go for between $400,000 and $600,000—with all of the money going to a nonprofit that helps students from “underrepresented communities” get into college.

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