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Japan’s retro car maker unveils fully restyled Mitsuoka Roadster convertible

Founded in 1968, Mitsuoka makes all of its cars by hand in the central Japan city of Toyama. “While attention is increasingly going to eco-friendly cars, my company will live or die by good looks,” said Mitsuoka president Akio Mitsuoka, who remains dedicated to producing unique, old-school cars whatever the current trends.

Mitsuoka Motor Co., the manufacturer of retro-styled automobiles, said it has fully restyled its two-seated Himiko convertible, targeted at classic car lovers with an eye for the eccentric. The Himiko convertible was first launched in 2008 and the first version sold 271 units, approximately 40 percent of which were exported.

Known overseas as the Mitsuoka Roadster, the new version is based as usual on the Mazda MX-5 but is longer and heavier than before, combining exaggerated two-tone fenders with classic headlights.

Mitsuoka currently exports its products to Southeast Asia, the Middle East and Britain. The company is looking to expand outside Japan, particularly in countries with large classic car markets.

Source Credit: Kyodo News
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