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Peak load as electric vehicles tackle deserts and mountains

In a bid to encourage electric vehicle use, a convoy of nine electric cars travelled more than 2000km across the United Arab Emirates and Oman, recharging only at public charging stations en route. The nine-day Electric Vehicle Road Trip attracted Teslas, Chevrolet Bolts and a lone BMW i3 and marked the installation of 18 electric vehicle charging stations which were officially opened along the way.

The fleet covered 2000km over a variety of terrain from the Abu Dhabi deserts to the Omani mountains and the coastline of the Northern Emirates and tackled the daunting 1934m climb of the highest peak in the UAE, Jebel Jais.

“We proved that you can drive long distances in an electric car across the Middle East without compromise,” said Ben Pullen, the event boss. “It’s fantastic to see that there are other forward-thinking governments and industries in this region such as Oman who are working on smart city development with plans for electric vehicles in the near future.”

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