Review: The Aston Martin DB11 does not disappoint

As I get in the Aston, once a childhood dream car, I feel like a little boy again. Right away, I can tell that it has gone a step up from its previous generation in the interiors, which are now aligned, in terms of technology, to its powerful contenders.

Despite its impressive speed, the DB11 is perfectly balanced and is capable of operating as an everyday car, thanks to its quiet and smooth cruising. I am not disappointed. It is modern and edgy yet elegant and smart. But it cannot afford not to be, as it faces serious competition from contenders such as Maserati and Jaguar.

Surprisingly, its V12 is not naturally aspirated, but turbocharged, though it is extremely smooth. The result is one mighty 5.2 litre engine, capable of 600bhp at 6,500rpm and 700Nm of torque at a bare 1,600rpm. Aston Martin claims it is capable of 322kmh and 0-100kmh in four seconds.

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