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Volvo cars returns to family roots with new V60 station wagon

Volvo Car Group unveiled its all-new V60 station wagon, returning to a family-oriented model to bring back traditional customers after years of sport utility vehicles dominating the Swedish brand’s delivery growth.

The driver of family station wagons “is an important customer for our business and has been for generations,” Chief Executive Officer Hakan Samuelsson said in a statement. “The new V60 honors that tradition, but also takes it much further.”

Volvo Cars’ resurgence under the ownership of Chinese billionaire Li Shu Fu’s Zhejiang Geely Holding Group Co. Ltd. has been led by a product-line renewal focused largely on the fast-growing SUV segment. The success of its XC90 and XC60 models helped it boost deliveries to a record 571,577 autos in 2017, and as it pursues a 2020 target to sell 800,000 vehicles annually, Volvo recently brought out the compact XC40. Still, more than a third of Volvos sold are hatchbacks, and with the new car, the company aims to fill the gap left by the V70, which the automaker stopped producing in 2016.

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